Catch Me Who Can, from the 1808 admission ticket - from a public domain image at Wikimedia Commons

The Trevithick 200 charity

Trevithick 200 was formed in 2007 with the purpose of constructing the replica of Catch Me Who Can and arranging events to celebrate the 2008 bicentenary of the original locomotive. The charity aims to promote the historical importance of the locomotive and its Bridgnorth connection, both to the local population and nationally.


The idea first emerged in 2001 at a public meeting to discuss how to commemorate the events of 1808. It was arranged by Chris Magner, who had already written a book on Catch Me Who Can. David Reynolds, an engineer at the Severn Valley Railway, proposed a replica of the locomotive. The idea was later considered for some time by Bridgnorth Low Town Action Group, along with other ideas, such as a statue of Trevithick. When the group concluded that the locomotive replica was not the way it wanted to go, Trevithick 200 was formed to pursue that objective.


We are a charity run entirely by our volunteer trustees and members, who are all local residents. Formerly a charitable association, we converted to charitable incorporated organisation status in August 2015.



Our current focus of attention is on completing the Catch Me Who Can replica and having it approved for use. We are making steady progress with this work as our limited volunteer time allows.


This section is new and as yet very incomplete. We intend to acknowledge with thanks all organisations we have been sponsored by.

We are most grateful for the continuing indulgence of the Severn Valley Railway and in particular the Motive Power Department at Bridgnorth, without whose facilities the whole project would have been impossible.

This project has been part funded by Shropshire Council, which has provided a grant under the Local Joint Committee scheme.


Please consider ways you might be able to help us.


You can email us at or write to:

Trevithick 200
70 Well Meadow
WV15 6DE


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